Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There, I Said It.

Comforted by the fact that most attendees have likely already signed up and chosen their tutorials, I'm boldy going to suggest you meet the SSE team at EclipseCon 2007 and attend our short tutorial on extending our editors. Editors may not be the glamourous part of any IDE, but it's a crucial one if you write code at all, and if your source editor messes anything up, users tend to be extremely vocal about it.

It's no mean feat trying to support 6 source languages competently while chasing the feature set of the standard-setting Eclipse Java Development Tools. Of course there's also the task of reacting to those rare changes that have them catching up to, and sometimes inadvertently breaking us, while still providing just enough framework for other folks to do some truly interesting things that we'd never focused on. In any case, our team doesn't look to be getting bored any time soon.

Here's hoping we can continue the tradition of our team not dying in a fiery dramatic crash like we almost did last year.